• Preparation and handling of the Single Employment Ledger (Libro Unico del Lavoro)
  • Personnel automated accounting customized for the specific needs
  • Monitoring of proper performance of in-house contracts
  • Certification of employment, agency and contract agreements (ASSECO)
  • Organization of training on occupational safety
  • Management of administrative activities for internships and apprenticeships
  • Management of social shock absorbers for employees under corporate crisis schemes
  • Personnel management in case corporate transactions under Article 2112 of the Italian Civil Code and contract changes
  • Calculations and technical reports for participation in public procurement calls for tenders
  • Individual and collective bargaining negotiations


The service of Payslip preparation and Personnel Management in general benefits, in terms of quality and efficiency, from the twenty-year partnership with the Zucchetti Group. Clients can use a Firm-Client Enterprise integrated system, an innovative 24 hours a day web portal available from any device, where the Firm and the Client can communicate and cooperate.

Furthermore, the Firm makes available a simple and well-organized web database, fully compliant with the applicable legislation on personal data protection, which contains all information on personnel (employees’ presence, absence, personal data, expense and business travel reports, workshifts, etc.)


  • Accounting
  • Preparation of Tax Returns for Natural Persons
  • Preparation of Tax Returns for Legal Persons
  • Preparation of Intrastat forms
  • VAT periodic returns
  • Filing of financial statements
  • Preparation and Filing of documents and applications with the Business Register
  • Registration and updating of lease contracts
  • Client companies’ domicile for service and notification

Studio Associato Furlotti



Our ambition is to provide our Clients with full-range support in accounting, administration and financial reporting, focusing on advisory services for domestic and international taxation.


Our Labour Area provides very effective services and assistance to our client enterprises. This area is key and requires effectiveness, specialist technical knowledge and flexibility.


Today, enterprises have an essential need: efficiency. Therefore, if, in the law scope, litigation takes a very long time, the related advisory services must be quickly delivered…


The main purpose of the area is to support international companies interested in implementing a retail network in our country as well as national companies who aim to expand…